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Jan here. I am a sound recordist visiting the world’s most remote and biodiverse habitats of our planet. In 2018, I created Earth Experience so that people all across the world could listen the natural wonders of our planet. I hope you will find a joy in listening some of the natural soundscapes which I captured.

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Colombia, South America

Utría National Park

Colombian Pacific, known as the Chocó region is one of the world’s few remaining areas with no road infrastructure and still vastly intact rainforest expanses.

Colombia, South America

Amazon Rainforest

Deep inside the Amazon Rainforest in Colombia, an unspoiled habitat provides a home to a wide variety of species of plants and animals.

Slovenia, europe

Ancient Beech Forest

A primeval forest perched high on a mountain in Slovenia’s wildest, most forested region. Listen to the autumn ambiance of crows and gusts of wind through the trees.

Slovenia, europe

Melting snow

Winter is coming to an end inside the deep forests of South Slovenia. The snow melting makes a calming ASMR sound. 


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Expedition 2022 / Colombia


Chiribiquete National Park is a vast protected rainforest positioned in the most remote part of the Colombian Amazon holding incredibly high biodiversity. It is an UNESCO world heritage site, a vastly unexplored and untouched habitat home to a wide range of flora and fauna species.

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