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Discover pure nature sounds recorded in remote and undisturbed environments worldwide.

Colombian Amazon Rainforest

In the depths of the Colombian Amazon Rainforest, there is still untamed and rich habitat remaining that hosts many. still undiscovered,...

Tropical Frogs

The ambiance of a rainforest night beside the frog pond. Frog chorus and midnight tropical insects, with light rain starting in...

Tuscan Mountain Forest

Chestnut and Beech forests covering the steep slopes at the wild mountains of Tuscany. In this early springtime, the sounds of...

ASMR Melting Snow

Enchanted forest with ASMR ambience of melting snow in late winter time. The days are getting longer and warmer, and the...

Ancient Beech Forest

A primeval forest nestled on the top of the mountain situated inside the most remote, wild and forested area of Slovenia....

Melting Glacier

Melting Aletsch glacier on a September afternoon. Recorded at its edge, under the wall of ice. Experience relaxing white noise of...

Pindus Mountains

Recorded on various locations inside the Pindus National Park. It is early summer at the majestic North Greece mountains. Wild forested...

Primeval Forest Valley

Vast forest valley in springtime at the wild Balkan mountains. Cliff edge above the primeval forest Perućica. Calming sounds of Skakavac...

Mighty Lake Skadar

Early summer by the East European lake in the late afternoon time. A hidden, inaccessible area of the lake teeming with...

Hutovo Blato Wetlands

Early morning sounds in vast and wild East European, Balkan wetlands valley. The ambiance of tropical like-sounding birds and frogs. Album...

    Expedition 2022 / Colombia


    Chiribiquete National Park is a vast protected rainforest positioned in the most remote part of the Colombian Amazon holding incredibly high biodiversity. It is an UNESCO world heritage site, a vastly unexplored and untouched habitat home to a wide range of flora and fauna species.

    Expedition 2023 / Malaysia, Indonesia

    Borneo (HoB)

    Borneo is the world’s third-largest island located in South East Asia. It holds one of the last ancient and virgin rainforests left on Earth. There is only one part of the island that remains largely untouched & unexplored. It is called the Heart of Borneo (HoB).


    Listen to pure nature sounds collected from biodiverse habitats worldwide.


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    About Author

    Hello, it’s Jan here. Explorer, field recordist & media producer. I created Earth Experience in 2018 with the intention of sharing the natural beauty and importance of our planet through sound and film. I’m on a mission to find Earth’s last existing wild areas and document them in their most original state. In November 2017, I made my first significant trip across East Asia for 5 months with recording and camping equipment in my backpack. I devoted all my time, energy and resources to this cause that I believe in. On behalf of this work, I strive to give back to our world something positive and worthwhile. The entire project is constantly expanding and evolving.

    Amazon Rainforest, Colombia

    Latest Articles

    Field notes from sound recording expeditions and travels.

    Bikepacking to Los Nevados National Park

    Bikepacking trip across Los Nevados National Park on a 4200m mountain pass. Los Nevados is a large national park in Colombia's central Andean mountain region. Here, you will find 4,760m peaks, snow-capped volcanoes, glaciers, lagoons, forests, and a wide range of wildlife.

    Expedition to Utria National Park

    Colombian Pacific, known as the Chocó region is one of the world's few remaining areas with no road infrastructure and still vastly intact rainforest expanses. It is separated from the rest of Colombia by impenetrable mountains with steep, muddy slopes covered by dense vegetation.

    Buenaventura to Bahia Solano by Cargo Boat

    In December 2021, I did a 24 hour cargo boat travel from Buenaventrua to Bahia Solano. A remote region in Colombian Choco region seperated from the rest of the country.

    Wild camping in the Colombian Cloud Forest

    A wild camping trip to the remote Andean forests with a mission to record their sounds. Cloud forest of the Colombian Andes is a very unique habitat hosting one of the world's richest biodiversity.
    cueva de los guacharos national park

    Cueva de los Guacharos – Andean forests & hidden caves

    I traveled by cycling into the Colombian countryside to reach Cueva de los Guácharos national park and record the sounds of this unique habitat holding one of the last preserved oak forests in the country...

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