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Jan Brelih

Sound recordist / Expedition coordinator

Jan is a sound recordist and expedition leader with 8+ years of experience who travels to some of the world’s most wild and endangered natural habitats to document their sounds. His work involves conducting extensive fieldwork, carefully listening to recordings, and compiling audio libraries. While he enjoys adrenaline-fueled activities, he also values slowing down in nature and practicing mindfulness. He follows a path in which the practice of recording sounds develops a deep connection with oneself and the natural world, embracing the wonders of life in the present moment. In 2018, he created Earth Experience, a platform dedicated to sharing the natural soundscapes of our planet with a wider audience across the world. His idea is to give people the opportunity to listen to the beauty and diversity of nature and to inspire a deeper appreciation for our incredible yet endangered natural world.

Over the years, he has visited some of the most remote locations, from the Colombian Amazon Rainforest, the Colombian Pacific, the Andaman Islands, Borneo, the Andes Mountains, and European primaeval forests to the Indian Himalayas, successfully capturing the acoustics of these habitats with detailed metadata.

With the numerous field activities, he has gained extensive first-hand experience in planning and performing all the technical aspects that are needed for a successful expedition doing fieldwork in remote and demanding environments. Staying for many weeks out in challenging or dangerous field conditions and performing sound documentation is, by now, well familiar to him.


Past Expeditions

  • Kenya (Taita-Taveta County) – 2024
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands – 2023
  • Himalayas (Uttarakand, Sikkim), India – 2023
  • Utria National Park, Chocó, Colombia – 2022
  • Amazon Rainforest (Guaviare, Caqueta), Colombia – 2021
  • Borneo, Malaysia – 2018
  • Taman Negara, Malaysia – 2018
  • North Thailand – 2018

“Earth Experience was created to share a pristine beauty and the importance of the natural world through the sound”

– Jan Brelih

Field skills and expertise


1. Planning

Planning expeditions in detail to the most remote and dangerous natural areas worldwide.


2. Wilderness

Moving safely and setting camps in the most challenging conditions and uncharted territory from deep jungles to the high mountains.


4. Mapping

Satellite and terrain study for expedition itinerary and mapping less known areas with GPSX points.


6. Communication

Mindful approach to local communities in order to get accepted by the people and immersed in their way of life.

Exploration of endangered habiats

To explore and document last, still existing habitats of the world and present it to public for educational & entertaining purposes.

Raising awareness about environment

To raise awareness by producing and delivering quality content which tells a story and points out important conservation efforts worldwide.

Inspire and

To inspire, assist and support future conservationists, researchers and explorers interested in protecting our natural world.


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