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Nature sounds from wild places worldwide

Earth Experience was created as a way of sharing the pristine beauty and importance of the natural world. The project focuses on documenting one of the world’s most remote and biodiverse areas that remain untouched by a human interface.

About Author

This is Jan. I am a sound recordist who travels to the world’s most remote and biodiverse places. In 2018, I created Earth Experience so that people all over the world could listen to our planet’s natural wonders. My work involved exploring the last remaining wild regions and documenting them in their most original state. On behalf of this work, I strive to give back to our world something positive and worthwhile. The entire project is constantly expanding and evolving.

Past Expeditions

  • Utria National Park, Chocó, Colombia – 2022
  • Amazon Rainforest, Colombia – 2021
  • Borneo, Malaysia – 2018
  • Thailand – 2018

Exploration of endangered habiats

To explore and document last, still existing habitats of the world and present it to public for educational & entertaining purposes.

Raising awareness about environment

To raise awareness by producing and delivering quality content which tells a story and points out important conservation efforts worldwide.

Inspire and

To inspire, assist and support future conservationists, researchers and explorers interested in protecting our natural world.

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