Black Sea Coast

The secluded Bulgarian South Black Sea is pretty much ruled by primal natural forces. The wild nature from the coast continues west, meeting mostly unpopulated mountains forested with oak and beech trees and spreading over the large territory on the border with Turkey. The whole area also has many histories and findings about Thracian tribes. These mountains give birth to the rivers that flow into the Black Sea, creating swampy areas that host many birds and other animals.

Album Details

Recording Location: Black Sea, Strandzha Nature Park, Bulgaria
Habitat: Coastal, wetlands
Time: 3h 33m (7 tracks)
Format: Mp3 320kbps




Recording location

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Album tracks

Track 1: Morning at the hidden bay ​ (60min)
Track 2: Between the Coastal Rocks ​ (60min)
Track 3: Swamp Reeds in Wind (20min)
Track 4: Soft Flowing Forest Creek​ (50min)
Track 5: Calm Waves at Night ​(60min)​


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