Tuscan Mountain Forest

Chestnut and Beech forests cover the steep slopes of the wild mountains of Tuscany. In this early springtime, the sounds of woodpeckers, roe deer, owls and other mountain birds can be heard. A variety of species find sanctuary in these vast forested valleys. The only human signs here are a few old Chestnut farmhouses tucked away. At a higher altitude, the Chestnut trees are giving way to the Beech trees. The woodland turns to high rocky mountains at the highest altitude, where snow persists.

Album Details

Recording Location: North Tuscany, Italy, Europe
Habitat: Mountain Chesnut, Beech forest
Time: 155 minutes (2 tracks)
Format: Mp3 320kbps


Album preview

Track 1: Early spring Chesnut forest (120 min)
Track 2: Windy afternoon at the Beech forest (35 min)


Recording location

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