Expedition to Utria National Park

Colombian Pacific, known as the Chocó region is one of the world’s few remaining areas with no road infrastructure and still vastly intact rainforest expanses. It is separated from the rest of Colombia by impenetrable mountains with steep, muddy slopes covered by dense vegetation.

Buenaventura to Bahia Solano by Cargo Boat

In December 2021, I did a 24 hour cargo boat travel from Buenaventrua to Bahia Solano. A remote region in Colombian Choco region seperated from the rest of the country.

Trekking in North Vietnam (Independently)

Trekking in the Vietnam mountains was an epic adventure to be always remembered. Yes I know, the idea of going on your own to the mountains in such a distant place sounds intimidating but for actually it can be entirely possible and enjoyable. Indeed, a person must have certain basic knowledge and previous experience of […]

5 Beautiful National Parks in North Thailand (First-hand Info)

Discover 5 beautiful national parks in North Thailand, a nature paradise that I explored and want to share with you. Thailand is a country blessed with stunning natural beauty and there are so many national parks, you might not even know where or how to start. Here you can find out about North Thailand national […]

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