Chiribiquete Expedition 2023 – Heart of the Colombian Amazon

DATES: 2022 – TBA 3 weeks LOCATION: Colombia, Amazon Serranía de Chiribiquete World’s largest rainforest protected area Undiscovered rock arts High biodiverstiy 43,000 km² Chiribiquete National Park is a huge protected rainforest situated in a remote region of Colombia’s Amazon and home to an incredible amount of biodiversity. It is an UNESCO world heritage site, […]

Borneo Expedition 2023

Independent sound recording expedition to the Borneo island’s virgin and untouched rainforest. Borneo island holds the oldest rainforest on earth.

Bikepacking to Los Nevados National Park

Bikepacking trip across Los Nevados National Park on a 4200m mountain pass. Los Nevados is a large national park in Colombia’s central Andean mountain region. Here, you will find 4,760m peaks, snow-capped volcanoes, glaciers, lagoons, forests, and a wide range of wildlife.


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