Expedition to Utria National Park

Colombian Pacific, known as the Chocó region is one of the world’s few remaining areas with no road infrastructure and still vastly intact rainforest expanses. It is separated from the rest of Colombia by impenetrable mountains with steep, muddy slopes covered by dense vegetation.

Wild camping in the Colombian Cloud Forest

A wild camping trip to the remote Andean forests with a mission to record their sounds. Cloud forest of the Colombian Andes is a very unique habitat hosting one of the world’s richest biodiversity.

Wild Camping in South East Asia: How-to Guide & Tips

Southeast Asia, a highly-populated place with thick jungle, full of crawling spiders, deadly insects and dangerous predators? Last place you would think to wild camp. Or is it really? How can you really do it in such an exotic place? Welcome to the rare guide of wild camping in SE Asia. With useful tips from […]


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