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Colombia, Amazon

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Jan Brelih

Sound recordist | Expedition coordinator

Serranía de Chiribiquete

Chiribiquete National Park is a huge protected rainforest situated in a remote region of Colombia’s Amazon and home to an incredible amount of biodiversity. It is an UNESCO world heritage site, a vastly unexplored and untouched habitat home to a wide range of flora and fauna species. Every time a scientific expedition is made to Chiribiquete, several species of animals and plants are discovered. Its most defining feature is the Tepui tabletop mountains which rise high above the rainforest and contribute to creating completely different ecosystems. A significant number of still undiscovered rock paintings are hidden on the cliffs positioned deep inside the park. These archeological wonders were created by the ancient forest nomads as far as 20,000 years ago.


A 20-day journey deep into the Amazon rainforest

With  a purpose of recording

Sounds of the Amazon lost world

Audio: Amazon Rainforest, Colombia 2021

Tepui rock formations (2021)

Rock paintings at Serranía La Lindosa date back at least 10.000 years ago. Discovered only in 2017.

“In their stories, the local indigenous people explain how and why the sacred zones came to be. These areas serve as temples where the forest spirits care for and defend Planet Earth. “

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Study of bioacoustics
Documenting bird species
A permission to enter
Marking GPS locations

Expedition details

Information covering crucial points that require considerable expertise and effort. I will be subjected to physical and mental challenges and pushed to and beyond my limits.

Camping & survival

Over the last 10 years, I developed high skills and experience in outdoor camping and survival by being exposed to a wide range of demanding conditions and environments.

Physical fitness

Throughout my life, I have engaged in extreme sports such as mountain biking, climbing, and hard trekking. I cycled (bikepacking) around Colombia for 6 months in 2021/2022.

Jungle enviroment

Undergoing and working in the most extreme tropical conditions for an extended period of time. I spent altogether 1 year in the tropical envriroment with 6 months in South East Asia and 6 months in Colombia.


Comfortable meeting the local people and establishing genuine and humble connections with them. I immersed myself and was always accepted with the most remote communities.


Using specific tactical equipment that had been field-tested enabling me to remain safe and productive in such severe surroundings.


Capable of enduring difficult conditions in unfamiliar and unknown territory, even by myself. Traveling to and staying in dangerous regions while still being mission-focused and productive.

2021 expedition into the Amazon. (Blog). Click here

Moments from my 2021 expedition to Guaviare, Colombia.  We reached close proximity to Chiribiquete National Park where the Tepui mountains and virgin lowland rainforest is found. During weeks of traveling into the remote jungle while wild camping, i’ve got a very good preview of Chiribiquete.

“Accompanied by an indigenous guide to support, respect and engage with the local native community. To value their cultural traditions and beliefs.”

Expedition costs

Transparent estimation of the costs involved. To make such an expedition viable, it is mostly dependent on available funds.

Type Description Cost
Transport Airplane, buses, taxi, boat 1700€
Food Local food, specific nutritional food from Europe 900€
Accommodation Local hotels, base/room for organisation, indigenous community 800€
Local indigenous guide It is critical to support an indigenous community by providing a good wage 1000€
Additional equipment Extra microphones, drone 1400€
Health insurance Health insurance for traveling and GPS rescue subscription 900€
Emergency reserve For unpredictable events and extra daily costs 800€
Total 7500€


“Chiribiquete means, in the Carijona Language: “Hill that draws paintings.”

“Uncovering, documenting, and sharing rich and isolated natural habitats to the world.”

Jan Brelih

Sound recordist | Expedition coordinator

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