Los Nevados National Park – GPS Map

The map is in the .GPX version suitable for most navigation apps. It offers marked paths, as well as numerous additional points of interest. There is valuable information regarding the East area of Los Nevados from Armero, Libano to Manizales following a high mountain pass. Such a map saves you numerous hours of hassle and allows you to plan your trip ahead of time. It can mean the difference between visiting and not visiting a location.

Map Details

Location: Colombia, Los Nevados national park
Habitat: Andes mountains, Paramo
Waypoints: 34
Format: .GPX


Map preview

The list of waypoints, tracks and descriptions marked on the map:


Area location

More about

Los Nevados is a vast national park positioned in the central Andean mountain range in Colombia. It has snow-capped volcanos, glaciers lagoons, forests and a wide range of wildlife. The most known is the Nevado del Ruiz volcano which is still active. I made a bikepacking journey on the East part of the park from the town of Libano to Manizales following a mountain pass road. The road takes you on 4200m while passing some breathtaking landscape views passing waterfalls, lagoons and paramo ecosystems.

Los Nevados bikepacking blog post


Area photos


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