Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Natural soundscapes of the remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands, consisting of 60 tracks spanning from 2 to 9 minutes. The recordings have been designed for a high-quality audio experience of the islands’ wild habitats and their rich biodiversity. Compiled for sound designers, filmmakers, bioacoustic researchers, or any other nature enthusiasts.

Location: Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India
Habitat: Tropical, Coastal, Wetlands
Time: 279min (60 tracks)
Format: .wav 96hz / 24bit
Size: 11.2GB


The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a group of lush tropical islands located in a very remote part of the Indo-Pacific region. The archipelago consists of a total of 571 islands, out of which just 37 are inhabited mostly by the mainland Indians who came here in the mid-20th century. Before that the islands remained completely untouched with the only inhabitants being isolated tribal communities residing in the jungles, all of whom expressed hostility towards unfamiliar individuals from the outside world. Capturing the sounds of these islands was not an easy task and presented unique challenges such as sheer remoteness, restricted movements, and the banned areas of isolated tribes.


  • Tropical Rainforests: Diverse and rich tropical ambiences and endemic birdsongs captured in many locations on different islands during dawn, morning, daytime, afternoon, dusk, and night.
  • Ocean: From powerful ocean to soft waves hitting the rocks or mangroves, the variety of sea sounds differs significantly.
  • Mangroves: Sounds of mangrove mud popping to diverse and unique birds. The navigation and recording here were quite intense due to the presence of many crocodiles in these locations with an extensive record of attacks on people.
  • Monsoon rain: As the monsoon begins, the rain becomes a daily occurrence, yet as quickly as it arrives, it also departs, the sun returns, and the jungle springs to life. After weeks of going around the jungle and positioning the mic gear, numerous successful recordings were made.
  • Endemic species: Andaman Woodpecker, Andaman Wood Pigeon, Andaman Cuckoo Dove, Andaman Drongo, Andaman Boobook
  • Raw quality: Soundtracks are uncut, kept in the raw yet quality sound, and edited with minimal basic EQ

Middle Andaman, South Andaman, Little Andaman, Havelock Island

Recording equipment:
Sound Devices MixPre II
Nevaton MC 59 Omnidirectional
Audio Technica Shotgun

Audio preview

*Note: soundtracks are cut down to 15-second samples and are not the full original length.

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Full sound effects list

ID Filename Description Category Location
1 ANI01_Seaside_Waves_Inside_Mangroves_South_Andaman.wav Soft waves slowly hitting the mangrove roots as the tide is rising, no birds Ocean 3:00 South Andaman
2 ANI02_Seaside_Night_Distant_Rough_Sea_Crickets_Middle_Andaman.wav Rough distant sea in the night as the crickets makes sound in the background Ocean 3:00 Middle Andaman
3 ANI03_Seaside_Night_Rough_Sea_Crickets.wav Rough distant sea in the night as the crickets makes sound in the background Ocean 4:30 Middle Andaman
4 ANI04_Seaside_Night_Rough_Sea_Low_Tide_Havelock_Island.wav Distant rolling ocean waves as the tide is rising in the night Ocean 3:30 Havelock Island
5 ANI05_Seaside_Gentle_Sea_Middle_Andaman_Shoal_Bay.wav Gentle sea waves in the hidden bay without birds Ocean 6:00 Middle Andaman
6 ANI06_Seaside_Coral_Reef_Middle_Andaman.wav Coral reef distant rough waves and closer more softer waves on shallow reef Ocean 4:00 Middle Andaman
7 ANI07_Seaside_Big_Waves_Little_Andaman_Hut_Bay.wav Big and powerful waves yet there is a certain soothing stillness that forms between wave intervals Ocean 5:00 Little Andaman
8 ANI08_Rainforest_Dawn_Pied_Imperial_Pigeon_Ambience_Havelock_Island.wav Dawn on the small island with imperial pigeon in the background and birds Jungle 3:59 Havelock Island
9 ANI09_Rainforest_Dawn_After_Rain_Jungle_Birds_One_Thunder_Little_Andaman.wav After rain dripping drops with jungle birds and one thunder in distance Jungle 5:01 Little Andaman
10 ANI10_Rainforest_Dawn_Andaman_Wood_Pigeon_and_Caucal_Little_Andaman.wav Dawn calm ambience with Wood pigeon and caucal bird calls Jungle 6:01 Little Andaman
11 ANI11_Rainforest_Dawn_Rich_Tropical_Ambience_Little_Andaman.wav Intense bird ambience at dawn after jungle is starting to wake up Jungle 9:32 Little Andaman
12 ANI12_Rainforest_Dawn_Calm_Birds_Ambience _South_Andaman_Chidiya_Tapu.wav Calm bird ambience with bird singing at dawn after jungle is starting to wake up Jungle 3:50 South Andaman
13 ANI13_Rainforest_Morning_Singing_Birds_Ambience_Baratang_Island.wav Morning singing birds in the jungle with ancient trees near the river and mangroves Jungle 7:30 Baratang Island
14 ANI14_Rainforest_Morning_Rich_Bird_Ambience Andaman_Drongo_Baratang_Island.wav Morning ambience with Drongo bird singing in the distance and passing parrot Jungle 7:30 Baratang Island
15 ANI15_Rainforest_Morning_Andaman_Cuckoo_Dove_Jungle_Ambience_Baratang_Island.wav Clean morning Andaman Cuckoo Dove bird ambience inside the jungle Jungle 5:00 Baratang Island
16 ANI16_Rainforest_Morning_Singing_Birds_Parrots_Baratang_Island.wav Morning singing birds with parrots flying overhead above the tree tops Jungle 1:29 Baratang Island
17 ANI17_Rainforest_Morning_Calm_Bird_Ambience _South_Andaman.wav Calm bird morning ambience with singing birds and distant ocean Jungle 3:30 South Andaman
18 ANI18_Rainforest_Morning_Cicaddas_Singing_Bird_Little_Andaman.wav Morning with singing birds, cicadas and a distant woodpecker Jungle 6:00 Little Andaman
19 ANI19_Rainforest_Morning_Jungle_Pond_Parrots_Little_Andaman.wav Morning at the small jungle pond with parrots flying over the high tree tops Jungle 2:00 Little Andaman
20 ANI20_Rainforest_Morning_Rich_Jungle_Ambience_Havelock Island.wav Rich morning jungle near the river and mangroves Jungle 8:00 Havelock Island
21 ANI21_Rainforest_Morning_Riverbank_Rich_Ambience_Little_Andaman.wav Rich early morning ambience at the jungle river on the edge of tribal territory Jungle 10:00 Little Andaman
22 ANI22_Rainforest_Daytime_Tropical_Ambience_Sea_Background_Little_Andaman.wav Tropical birds with the rushing ocean in the far background Jungle 3:30 Little Andaman
23 ANI23_Rainforest_Daytime_Parrots_Sounds_Little_Andaman.wav Daytime rainforest recording from Little Andaman, featuring parrot calls Jungle 2:10 Little Andaman
24 ANI24_Rainforest_Daytime_Parrots_Flying_Above_Big_Trees_Little_Andaman.wav Daytime rainforest ambiance from Little Andaman with parrots flying above tall trees Jungle 4:30 Little Andaman
25 ANI25_Rainforest_Daytime_Alive_Ambience_Baratang_Island.wav Lively daytime ambiance recorded in Baratang Island’s rainforest Jungle 2:00 Baratang Island
26 ANI26_Rainforest_Daytime_Common_Hill_Myna_Little_Andaman.wav Common Hill Myna bird calls in the daytime rainforest of Little Andaman Jungle 4:00 Little Andaman
27 ANI27_Rainforest_Daytime_Ambience_Baratang_Island.wav Daytime deep in the jungle with distant ocean, singing bird, woodpecker Jungle 3:00 Baratang Island
28 ANI28_Rainforest_Daytime_After_Rain_Sun_Jungle_Comes_To_Life_Little_Andaman.wav After rain daytime ambiance as the jungle awakens with coming sun Jungle 3:30 Little Andaman
29 ANI29_Rainforest_Daytime_Vibrant_Birds_Andaman_Drongo_Baratang_Island.wav Greater Racket-tailed Drongo, Andaman Drongo, Scarlet Minivet, Andaman Coucal, Green-Imperial Pigeon, Long-tailed Parakeet Jungle 4:30 Baratang Island
30 ANI30_Rainforest_Afternoon_After_Sunset_Bird_Ambience_Little_Andaman.wav Calm afternoon rainforest ambiance following sunset in Little Andaman Jungle 3:40 Little Andaman
31 ANI31_Rainforest_Afternoon_Green_Imperial_Pigeons_and_More_Birds_Little_Andaman.wav Asian Fairy Bluebird, Green Imperial Pigeons, Violet Cuckoo, Andaman Woodpecker, Andaman Coucal Jungle 3:18 Little Andaman
32 ANI32_Rainforest_Afternoon_Andaman_Woodpecker_Little_Andaman.wav Afternoon rainforest recording with Andaman Woodpecker hitting the tree Jungle 5:30 Little Andaman
33 ANI33_Rainforest_Afternoon_After_Rain_Singing_Birds_Little_Andaman.wav Afternoon rainforest ambiance with singing birds in Little Andaman, following rain Jungle 9:00 Little Andaman
34 ANI34_Rainforest_Afternoon_Singing_Bird_Insects_Little_Andaman.wav Serene afternoon rainforest ambiance with singing birds and gentle insect sounds in Little Andaman Jungle 7:00 Little Andaman
35 ANI35_Rainforest_Night_Malayan_Night_Heron_Calls_South_Andaman_Chidiya_Tapu.wav Early night in jungle on hills above ocean with Malayan Night Herson bird call Jungle 5:00 South Andaman
36 ANI36_Rainforest_Night_Insects_Frogs_South_Andaman.wav High pitched insects and frogs in the dark jungle night Jungle 2:30 South Andaman
37 ANI37_Rainforest_Night_Insects_Andaman_Boobook_Middle_Andaman_Jarawa_Edge.wav Night insects in jungle and Andaman Bobook owl, soft creek background bordering forbidden Jarawa tibe area Jungle 7:50 Middle Andaman
38 ANI38_Rainforest_Night_Nocturnal_Animals_Bees_Background_Little_Andaman.wav Alive nocturnal birds and insects in late evening, distant bee background Jungle 7:00 Little Andaman
39 ANI39_Rainforest_Night_Light_Rain_Crickets_Little_Andaman.wav Light rain falling in jungle, crickets and insects Jungle 3:30 Little Andaman
40 ANI40_Rainforest_Night_Crickets_Distant_Ocean_Little_Andaman.wav Crickets, distant strong ocean, nocturnal animal Jungle 2:00 Little Andaman
41 ANI41_Rainforest_Night_Cicadas_Little_Andaman.wav Night cicadas with bird calls and soft creek in background Jungle 2:59 Little Andaman
42 ANI42_Rainforest_Night_Cicadas_Light_Rain_Little_Andaman.wav Light rain in jungle intensifying with cicada background Jungle 4:00 Little Andaman
43 ANI43_Rainforest_Night_Calm_Jungle_Ambience.wav Calm night with distant bubbling creek and nocturnal birds Jungle 4:30 Middle Andaman
44 ANI44_Rain_Daytime_Mid_To_Hard_Rainfall_Havelock_Island.wav Medium to heavy rain in the jungle during the monsoon season Rain 4:30 Havelock Island
45 ANI45_Rain_Daytime_Mid_To_Hard_Rainfall_Havelock_Island_Second.wav Medium to heavy rain in the jungle during the monsoon season continue Rain 5:00 Havelock Island
46 ANI46_Rain_Daytime_Cicaddas_Light_Rain_Little_Andaman.wav Cicadas in background with light rain in jungle Rain 5:00 Little Andaman
47 ANI47_Rain_Daytime_Incoming_Hard_Rain_Baratang_Island.wav Incoming hard rain in jungle during daytime, birds Rain 1:26 Little Andaman
48 ANI48_Rain_Daytime_Rain_Hitting_Hard_Palm_Leaves_Havelock_Island.wav Rain hitting hard small palm leaves creating almost artificial sounding effect Rain 4:00 Havelock Island
49 ANI49_Rain_Daytime_Rain_Hitting_Palm_Leaves_Little_Andaman.wav Rain hitting hard big palm leaves creating almost artificial sounding effect Rain 4:00 Little Andaman
50 ANI50_Rain_Daytime_Under_Big_Ancient_Tree_Little_Andaman.wav Rain ambience recording under the big tree canopy offering shelter Rain 3:00 Little Andaman
51 ANI51_Rain_Afternoon_Gentle_Rain_Birds_Baratang_Island.wav Light detailed rain with light birds background Rain 4:00 Baratang Island
52 ANI52_Rain_Afternoon_Strong_Rain_Baratang_Island.wav Downpour ending in jungle with very little birds Rain 5:00 Baratang Island
53 ANI53_Rain_Afternoon_Light_rain_Hill_Mynah_Havelock_Island.wav Very light rain with Hill Mynah bird in the background Rain 2:40 Havelock Island
54 ANI54_Wind_Daytime_Creaking_Tree_in_Wind_Little_Andaman.wav Creaking tree in the jungle when wind is blowing more and less strong Wind 3:00 Little Andaman
55 ANI55_Water_Big_Waterfall_Pink_Noise_Little_Andaman.wav Big jungle waterfall water falling on rocks and pool, surrounded by forest Water 3:00 Little Andaman
56 ANI56_Mangroves_Morning_Popping_Mud_Mangrove_Whistler_Middle_Andaman.wav Popping mud in mangroves, low tide, Mangrove Whistler and other birds Mangroves 2:49 Middle Andaman
57 ANI57_Mangroves_Morning_Mangrove_Whistler_Middle_Andaman.wav Mangrove Whistler making calls in the morning mangroves Mangroves 1:30 Middle Andaman
58 ANI58_Mangroves_Night_Popping_Mud_Insects_Middle_Andaman.wav Calm night with popping mud and insect background Mangroves 4:00 Middle Andaman
59 ANI59_Mangroves_Night_Crocodile_Growling_Little_Andaman.wav Crocodile growling at the mangroves in night Mangroves 0:40 Little Andaman
60 ANI60_Mangroves_Night_Insects_Distant_Ocean_Middle_Andaman.wav Night insects, bubbling creek and distant strong ocean waves Mangroves 4:00 Middle Andaman

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